An easy way to report internet scams


Nearly everyone has received a scam email or been directed to a scam website.

Scammers can be annoying, but there is something you can do to help stop the scams. If you come across an internet scam, you can report it using the FBI’s website.

“ic3” stands for internet crime complaint center. Any kind of scam that comes through email or on a cell phone can be reported to the website. All you have to do is fill out some information and submit a complaint. FBI analysts do the rest.

FBI Birmingham Spokesperson, Paul Daymond, said, “They may find several complaints of that same type here in Huntsville. They may find 50 more in Los Angeles. They may find 25 more in Chicago, and they’ll bundle all of those up and farm that out to the appropriate agency that needs to look at it.”

Not only does the website allow you to put in a complaint, but you can also check on what kinds of fraud you should be looking out for.

“If they see an uptick in certain types of scams, they issue public service announcements that go out,” said Daymond.

If you know someone who has been scammed, you can also submit a complaint on their behalf.

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