AL’s only electronic detection canine joins Madison County Sheriff’s Team


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office has a new crime fighter on the team. It’s a dog, and his job is to sniff out media storage devices often hidden by subjects involved in child porn and the sexual exploitation of children.

His name is Banner, and he’s an electronic detection canine. He’s the only dog in the state that sniffs out crime the way that he does. He’s the newest member of the Madison County Sheriff’s Office Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force.

“The dog is conditioned to react to the type of odor that electronic devices would be emitting,” said Lt. Donny Shaw, Public Information Officer for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

He said this could be very important if the devices contained evidence of child porn or records related to financial crimes, which he explained that criminals often try to hide during searches.

“The type canine that it is actually was the breakthrough in the Jared Fogle case, who was the spokesperson for Subway,” said Shaw. “He was investigated and found guilty of child pornography.”

Banner is the first electronic detection canine in the state. He spent five months in training. In addition to doing his main job, he also acts as a therapy dog for victims and even for the Sheriff’s team.

The Sheriff’s office was able to obtain funding for the canine with the assistance of Operation Underground Railroad and ASEA Advancing Life Foundation.

Banner is one of only 19 electronic detection canines in the country. 

WATCH:  Lt. Donny Shaw explains a potential scenario where an electronic detection dog would be helpful.

WATCH: Mary Stackhouse meets Banner

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