Alabama To Benefit From Online Sales Tax This Shopping Season


Trying to collect online sales tax here in Alabama has been a decade long problem, and now when you’re making those online purchases for the holidays, Alabama will benefit.

Tis the season for shopping in stores and online.

but it’s online shopping that will create new revenue for Alabama.

According to Melissa Warnke with the Alabaman Retail Association, there is now a judicial prescient that says that the state does have the ability to ask those out of town businesses that don’t have any physical presence in Alabama to collect and remit sales tax.

As of October 1st of this year, the state has been collecting those online sales tax.

Retailer says this will level the playing field for tax collection.

Before the supreme court ruling, the state was collecting online sales tax through a voluntary system.

According to the Alabama retail Association, since January the state has collected 79 million dollars in online sales tax.

Although trends show online shopping is going up, people in Alabama still enjoy going into an actual store to shop.

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