Alabama ranks 11th for scam and fraud reports


Local law enforcement says they get reports of scam calls daily

When it comes to scam and fraud reports, Alabama ranks 11th in the nation according to the Better Business Bureau.

Huntsville police say they get scam reports daily.

“When they indicate that they are from an official organization and that you have warrants for your arrest and then want to collect some fine over the phone — that’s probably one of the oldest tricks in the book,” said Huntsville Police Department spokesman, Lt. Michael Johnson.

Johnson adds you can’t always trust the name and number showing up on your caller ID. He says criminals can go on the dark web and use tools to disguise their numbers.

“We’ve actually had numbers from our own city — our own dispatch for example — someone would use that seven digit number as being their phone number — whether it was through the dark web or however means they did it, and then they call the victim and when they see its from our non-emergency number, they think it’s Huntsville Police calling,” he explained.

When responding to a call, Johnson says to first identify what organization they’re with, and if you are unsure about a call, contact the department directly.

“Law enforcement normally is not going to call you,” said Johnson. “I can tell you the Huntsville police department in this area does not make cold phone calls to tell you you have warrants, to collect fines or ask you for any kind of money.”

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