Alabama Historical Commission awarding $750,000 in grants to historic sites across the state


Some of North Alabama’s oldest sites will be preserved for future generations thanks to a new grant. 

Huntsville has four historic districts and dozens of historic markers that gives you a glimpse into the city’s past.

“Huntsville Madison County is one of the richest sites in the state for historic resources because we’re so much older and we were founded so much earlier than the rest of the counties in the state,” said Donna Castellano executive director of the Historic Huntsville Foundation.

Maintaining historic sites ensure that parts of Alabama’s history is preserved for future generations.

“Our history and our culture, our identity is transmitted down through our historic sites,” Castellano explained.  “It’s one thing that’s tangibly passed down from one generation to the next and when we lose our history we forget who we are,” she added. 

The Alabama Historical Commission (AHC) is helping the cause, by distributing $750,000 in grants for improvements and educational programming at historic sites.

“One of the sites that would qualify would be Maple Hill Cemetery for example. It is a historic site that could use grant money for the cleaning and repair of gravestones, the same with Glenwood Cemetery,” she said. 

Grants will be awarded to public or private entities that reflect the geographical diversity of the state or have an educational-based mission.

“That you’re going to have a program, some kind of study group, some kind of activity that would educate for example school children about the significance of this structure,” said Castellano. 

Preference will be given to publicly-owned battlefields or structures constructed prior to 1840 that are listed in the National Register of Historic Places, and historic school structures. Grant amounts will not exceed $20,000 for any one entity.

The AHC is currently accepting grant applications. Applications must be hand-delivered or mailed to Tryon McLaney, Contracts and Grants, Alabama Historical Commission, by August 15, 2018. Faxed or emailed applications will not be accepted. 

AHC will announce the grant awards in October 2018. 

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