Alabama Department of Labor Holds Emergency Meeting After The Closings Of Virginia College


Students who attended classes at Virginia College are still trying to figure out what’s next since the college announced it was closing dozens of campus across the nation and here at home.

This week, Alabama Department of Labor is holding emergency information sessions for students and faculties affected by the School closings.

Jessica Dent, with the Alabama department of commerce say she is emotionally and financially scared.

It’s a sentiment echoed by the nearly eleven hundred Alabama Virginia College students.

Nearly two hundred people attended the emergency information meeting in Montgomery today, hosted by the department of labor.

Many of the programs include funding for education certification programs and vocational training assistance.

For the employees affected by the closings, a rapid response team from the department of commerce was there to answer questions.

If you are someone who’s affect by Virginia College closings and need help, head over to the department of labors website by clicking on the link.

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