Alabama comedian in Huntsville


An Alabama comedian who has sold out at shows across the U.S. is in Huntsville. He’s touring around the country with other comedians from Alabama.

Darren Knight is from the small town of Munford, Alabama. He went from posting videos on Facebook to selling out theaters across the nation. It only took a few months for “Southern Momma” to go viral.

Darren’s mother and grandmother influenced his Southern Momma character. He says family is why he will never leave Alabama.

“We’ve had opportunities to move around, and we just kinda wanted to stay right here at home,” said Knight.

He makes sure to spread a positive message at the end of his shows.

“We’re only on this earth for a limited amount of time, and we need to have fun while we’re here. That’s why I like doing what I do, make people laugh and bring comedy into the world,” said Knight.

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