Airbnb announces new program to support federal employees during shutdown


This past Friday, hundreds of thousands of federal workers went without a paycheck, even as they continue to face daily expenses and other financial obligations.

Airbnb wants to help the many members of their host community who are included in that group.

Airbnb is now offering all of their federal executive branch employee hosts some extra financial support. All executive branch employees who share their home for three nights anytime over the three months between December 18, 2018 and March 18, 2019 will get paid an extra night on Airbnb— up to $110, which is the average per night income of Airbnb U.S. hosts.

This program is also open to Experience hosts who are eligible for up to $110 based on the total booked value of their Experience.

Any federal executive branch employee host — either Homes Host or Experience Host — can sign up for the “A Night On Us” program and learn more here.

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