A hunt for a kidney donor brings two strangers together

Huntsville Kidney Donor

A woman’s life was changed forever when she found out a stranger was willing to donate her kidney.

25 year old, Annalise Perry, has struggled with kidney failure since she was 12. Finding a matching kidney donor was life or death for her. When Kristie Kuzy and Annalise met at the pre-op appointment in November, they had an instant connection.

“We just kind of bonded and she and her family are really nice, and I was just so thrilled to know that I was going to be able to help her, said kidney donor, Kristie Kuzy.

Kristie is a pre-school teacher in Huntsville and volunteers at an animal shelter. She had to take time off but says it was no big deal and she’s just happy she can help.

Annalise says because of Kristie’s donation, she has her life back. Kristie says her life was changed for the better as well, and it’s never too late to give back. 

“I was worried that I might be too old, and even at 55, I’m not. I think that a lot of people, if they’re in good health, they should consider doing something like that because you can literally change somebody’s life,” said Kristie.

If you want to be put on an organ donor list, you can sign up at OrganDonor.gov.

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