700 new jobs to propel Huntsville’s aerospace impact


More than 700 new aerospace engineering jobs are coming to Huntsville. The city just approved a project with Aerojet Rocketdyne to make it happen. 

Huntsville is known for having the highest number of engineers per capita in the country and with this new project, city leaders are making sure that isn’t changing any time soon.

“It means new opportunities,” said Harrison Diamond, business relations officer with the city of Huntsville. “One of the biggest things that Mayor Battle tries to push is making sure that everybody in Huntsville who wants a job can get a job.”

And jobs in building propulsion engines mean a lot of different types of work.

“It’s everything from wrench turners to the people that actually will be designing the engines,” Diamond said.

Workers are already at the site of what will be the advanced manufacturing facility at the industrial park in North Huntsville. Back at Cummings Research Park will be the defense business headquarters and Rocketshop.

The president of the chamber of commerce has already greeted around 400 people. They’re families checking out Huntsville for the first time and ready to make it their homes.

“It kind of changes their perception of what they traditionally think [of] this part of the world,” said Chip Cherry. “Some people think that only smart stuff happens in other places and when they come here they’re kind of wow’d by what’s happening here and the types of companies that are here and the quality of life that’s here.”

He says the over 700 jobs don’t just mean big things for the city, but for the world.

“The world is a very dangerous place and the systems that we produce here and support here are helping make us safer,” Cherry said. “And they play a very critical role both here internationally and with our international partners.”

The advanced manufacturing facility’s construction is set to begin in December. Construction on the defense business headquarters and Rocketshop at Cummings Research Park will be in January.

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