3 year old Madison boy blesses children with Christmas toys

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Kolten Shelton unloads a crate of toys with his dad at the Downtown Rescue Mission on Friday.

“I bought them with my own money,” he said.

After saving his money for five months, he wasn’t thinking about buying presents for himself…

So who are they for?

“For the kids that don’t have Christmas.”

Kolten was thinking about other kids who might not have presents.

“I wanted to save my money for the kids who didn’t have any Christmas toys.”

“I was surprised, and I was thankful so we loaded up to go shopping,” said Keri Shelton, Kolten’s mom. “He saves money here and there and puts it in his little wallet. He doesn’t usually buy very many things for himself.”

Keri says Kolten had a blast picking out the toys.

“He just started putting things in the buggy and picked it all out by himself.

He picked out a bunch of toys for the kids and decided to bring them to donate.”

President and CEO of the Downtown Rescue Mission Keith Overholt is grateful for Kolten’s generosity.

“What a great way to raise your son or daughter to be able to give to others”, he said. “Even the Bible tells us, ‘When you give unto others, it’s like giving to the Lord, and we appreciate anyone who does that and we thank Kolten for what he’s doing here.”

The toys Kolten brought will go to kids who stay at the mission. 

And what does Kolten want for Christmas?

“A dinosaur jacket and a paw patrol book.”

This season, more than 100 children will join the Downtown Rescue Mission for a walk through the Nativity story, and afterwards, they’ll pass out Christmas toy bags. Right now, there are not currently enough toys for children ages 3-10 to fill the bags. The Downtown Rescue Mission is accepting toys for boys and girls of those ages between now and December 8th.

Drop off location:

Downtown Rescue Mission 
1400 Evangel Dr, Huntsville, 35816.

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