12 Strays of Christmas: Ajax has a home!


UPDATE: Ajax has a home!

Ajax is number 11 in our 12 Strays of Christmas!

He’s a 12 week old puppy in need of a forever home this holiday season, and he is available to be adopted at the Greater Huntsville Humane Society.

Ajax loves to play and run around.

Chyna Barksdale with the Greater Huntsville Humane Society said, “He usually isn’t a barker, so he’s actually really good with the barking. Usually when he sees something he’s confused about he just stares at it.”

Ajax is a German Shepherd mix. He was left with his sibling in a stranger’s backyard. He was covered in fleas when he was found.

“They actually acted like they were abused for a little bit too because every time you would just kind of make any sudden movements, they would just cower in the corner,” said Barksdale.

Ajax has been at the shelter for three weeks and has become a lot less shy. Employees at the GHHS say he is very trainable and would make a great emotional support dog.

Adopt Ajax by contacting the GHHS here.

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