100 Women’s March supporters rallied in Huntsville


Not everyone was able to go to Washington D.C. to be a part of the national march.

Huntsville supporter, Holly Thomas, says, “My mom’s actually marching in Washington. And I couldn’t make it because of financials. So I decided to come here to march with the Huntsville people.”

But many had similar questions.

Allison Lindsey, who came from Madison, says, “The things we’ve heard and seen even from his past, how did he get elected? How are people OK and push off that behavior and say no that’s alright and it’s OK to treat women that way?”

We talked with most of the supporters who rallied together on the street corner, however few had concrete plans of how they could turn today’s rally into political action moving forward.

Thomas says, “I plan on joining more groups of like minded people. More Democratic groups like on Facebook, going to more meet ups.”

Allison Lindsey says, she will start making a difference in her home with her daughter. She says, “To try and support her in whatever she wants to do. To educate her as much as we can in the home as well as outside the home as well.”

Most supporters were here to protest and hold signs. But there were a couple people who were trying to organize the energy from the street corner to a real localized movement.

Madison County Democrat Chair, Tom Ryan, says, “Now it’s time to get politically involved. Harness that energy identify people who are interested in working on political campaigns running for office.”

For the other supporters, they say, if President Donald Trump does anything they disagree with, they will be ready to stand at this corner to protest.

Here’s a list of local political groups you can join:

Madison County Democrats

Madison County Young Republicans 

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