Trump orders student loan forgiveness for disabled veterans


Permanently disabled veterans have long been eligible to wipe out their federal student debt.

But Tony Lowe of the Veterans of Foreign Wars says the process is complicated…and discouraging, “I think the safe bet is to say that there are tens of thousands of disabled veterans that could qualify for this, but they’re simply unaware of it.”

In fact, back in May, 51 state attorneys general sent a letter to education secretary Betsy Devos, saying the current application requirements posed “insurmountable obstacles” for many disabled veterans.

“For a servicemember, or excuse me a veteran, that may not be as computer savvy, it can be very very difficult,” says Tony Lowe.

And President Trump got the message. He has ordered the Education Department to make it easier for disabled veterans to apply.

Lowe says its now up to the Department of Education to make sure veterans know about the faster forgiveness process. “We need to rely on the Department of Education and the Department of Veterans Affairs to absolutely to push a marketing campaign, or an advertising, or awareness campaign out to those potential members”

There’s still no word on exactly how the new process will work, but for many veterans, any change is a good thing.

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