This was not a most excellent idea


If you want to make a most excellent music video then the San Dimas Sheriff’s Station highly suggests not pretending to hold people hostage on the side of the highway.

On March 13, 2019 the San Dima’s Sheriff’s Station received a call that someone may have been kidnapped and was being held hostage with their hands duct taped behind their back. It turns out the three people detained were shooting a music video using a REAL gun. 

Come on people this isn’t a life lesson Socatres should have to teach it should be common-sense on the list of things to not do. Abraham Lincoln would not love San Dimas if he knew about this. 

The Sheriff advises booking a more remote location if you’re going to be shooting a music video, and if it involves a pretend kidnapping maybe advise the police ahead of time. Personbally I think that’s a job for Rufus. 

I wonder if they could just go back and do this all over to avoid the misdemeanor weapons charge one person is now facing according to the Facebok post. 

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