Mike Black

Meet the Team

Mike Black is a Weeknight Anchor with WZDX News.

Happy to be a part of the WZDX team, and already in love with the state of Alabama and the southern hospitality it has to offer, Mike Black comes to the Tennessee Valley from the New York City area. Having worked in front of the camera and behind the camera in both news and sports, Black brings a well-rounded knowledge of television wherever he goes. He got his start as an anchor with an ABC/FOX affiliate in California back in 2015.

Since then, he’s gone on to work as an post-game announcer for Major League Baseball’s official website, MLB.com. Other work includes CBS Sports, NBAtv, MLB Network (for which he won an Emmy in 2010) and Good Morning America.

On a side note, Black is an accomplished crossword puzzle constructor for The New York Times. He has had 6 published between 2010 and 2018.

He is married to his wife Maria and has a two-year-old son named Jake. He also has two stepdaughters, Ashley and Kayla. 

Mike always has his golf clubs and bowling ball ready, so if you enjoy either of those two things, feel free to reach out!  And please contact him with any stories you may have from the Tennessee Valley!

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