Rocket City Microthon Sunday: 0.12K fun run to support Merrimack Hall

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Lace up your running shoes and get ready for the 0.12K Rocket City Microthon Sunday!

Yep, you read that right. The race, where you can piggy-back or crawl to the finish line, is the distance across Butler Green at Campus 805. The microthon raises money for the special needs arts program at Merrimack Hall. Performers from Merrimack will do a dance routine at 2:00 before the race.

The woman who came up with it wants to give back to Merrimack. Her daughter Kate was a dancer there and passed away from mitochondrial disease three years ago.

“I forget that other people don’t have this connection to people with special needs and just don’t realize what super people they are and how accomplished they are,” said Lesley Burnette. “And so I want them to know about Merrimack Hall, I want people to know that there is a place if you have a physical or intellectual disability that you can go. You can dance, you can do creative writing, there’s a day class for adults, there’s summer camps.”

Last year was the first year for the microthon and they raised $20,000 for Merrimack Hall.

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