Rama Jama’s in Tuscaloosa prepares for national championship…with bacon

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TUSCALOOSA, Ala. (WIAT) – With just a few days before the college football national championship, one Tuscaloosa business is making sure it has bacon, bacon, and more bacon.

Workers at Rama Jama’s are getting ready for the big game, making sure they have plenty of bacon
in house. Store owner Michael Hebron says he hopes to add one more slice of bacon to his National
Championship BLT sandwich. There are 17 slices for every national championship Alabama has won. 

“We have made all preparations to make sure we have enough bacon in house. So when the Tide rolls, we can move our National Championship BLT sandwich from 17 slices of bacon to 18,” Hebron said.

If Alabama wins, Hebron says come Tuesday morning, he expects to see lots of customers who will
want to eat the sandwich with 18 slices of bacon.

“Well, we use a 10-12 count bacon. That means it’s 10 and 12 strips to the pound.  So if you do the math, when we do go to 18 that sandwich will have a pound and three quarters of bacon.”

Hebron says the National Championship always means more cash for his and other area businesses.

“The University and Alabama football is good for business, for every business in Tuscaloosa. For us here at Rama Jama’s, being located next to the stadium and our walls being covered with football
stuff, this is an important stop for lots of people”.

The National Championship BLT has been on the menu at Rama Jama’s since 2009

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