James Clemens High School students bury time capsule

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A bit of history was made and preserved Thursday at James Clemens High School in Madison.

A time capsule to be unearthed in 2044 went into the ground at the school’s outdoor classroom. In it is memorabilia from the school like a 2013 prom invitation, prom key chain, and theater ticket.

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One student club hopes future students will plant the seeds they put in the time capsule. The event celebrates Alabama’s bicentennial and Madison’s anniversary.

“I’ll be like 42 so I think it’ll be really cool to come back to where I grew up and everything, assuming I’m not in Madison,” said high school seniorSumedha Bobba. “Just to come back and see the school and everything and how it’s changed and how it’s progressed and what we’ve done now and how it’s affecting the future generations.”

Two students captured the event in a piece of art that will hang in the office and tell staff about the time capsule they must dig up in 25 years.

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