Car engulfed in flames extinguished by passing motorists

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The driver and passenger of the Lexus pictured above are certainly thanking some folks from Professional Fire Security.

Captain Frank McKenzie of Huntsville Fire Rescue sent the pictures from an incident on Interstate 565 Thursday afternoon.

McKenzie tells WZDX the whole rear-end of the car was engulfed in flames. Employees from Professional Fire Security were right behind and pulled up and grabbed fire extinguishers.  

Among them was former Arab Police Officer Alan Charles. They used three fire extinguishers and put the fire out. The woman and her father, seen in the background of the photos had already gotten out and called the fire department, but the fire was out before Huntsville Fire rescue arrived.

The car suffered heavy damages, but no injuries were reported.

There is no report on how the fire started, but this is a story of the right people being in the right place at the right time and going above and beyond. 

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