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Certain things growing up were always such a wonder to me, like how it could be night time on one side of the world and daylight on the other. Or Summer on one side of the world and winter on the other! Another thing was Leap Day. I thought how strange would it be to have that be your birthday and some years it would not even come! Sounded pretty sad to me.

Well, at work it was my assignment to go find a newly born leap baby at the hospital.
Huntsville Hospital actually had six babies born that day. I was taken to see Mary Jane Leide. She was a 7 pound, 19 inch long little girl who was born at 10:04am Feb 29, 2012.
Her mom, Lisa, said she actually arrived right on time since it was her due date.
And she didn’t mind that it was on leap day. They would just celebrate it each year on the 28th and then have a special party every four years on the actual day. I can see how that would be fun. It would make it all the more special when it did come. Plus, I would think that it would be a good conversation topic at parties. People would be interested to know when you celebrate and how you feel about it and how old you are in leap years.
I guess it would have it’s advantages. I mean, the older you get you’re only officially 1/4th of that age!

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