Kids faking their GPS locations is dangerous

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In many cases, kids are savvier than their parents when it comes to electronics, but it can be dangerous when that knowledge is used for trouble.

Tracking kids’ locations via GPS location may bring some peace of mind to parents when it comes to keeping an eye on where your kids are. But what if the GPS location your phone is showing you is not where your teen actually is?

YouTube has plenty of videos on how to fake your GPS location, and teens are doing it.

“It’s something we need to pay attention to as a parent — that our children are on the right track and not pulling the wool over our eyes per say, and telling us what’s accurate,” said Sgt. Grady Thigpen.

Another problem is that faking a GPS location can actually be really dangerous for teens.

“If that child is in danger and needs to use that phone and officers are trying to find that child or young adult, and trying to ping their location, that may present a problem as well — trying to locate that child,” he said.

Sgt. Thigpen said it’s a message parents should communicate to their kids and that ultimately, it’s about their safety. Sgt. Thigpen also wanted to remind parents to be aware of how kids are using their phones in general and to talk with them about it daily.

“Pay attention to the apps that they’re utilizing on a daily basis,” he said. “Have that communication between the child and yourself. Keep close tabs on where your kid is at. There’s going to have to be different things you have to screen on that.”

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