Madison City Schools offers free parent program to help with kids’ behavioral issues

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If your child is facing behavioral issues like ADHD Madison City Schools is here to help.

They’re taking applications for a free, 10-week program for parents. The program teaches you how to stop your child from acting out and get them to focus at school and at home.

You’ll learn techniques on how to not argue, discipline strategies, and how sleep, diet, and technology play a role in your child’s behavior.

Last year was the program’s first year and about 25 parents took part.

“When I first saw her I could tell, it’s like ‘oh gosh, just hang in there, you’ll be fine,'” said Briana Hawkins, the schools social worker, talking about a woman she worked with last year. “Then the last class I got a text message from her, a lot of text messages, saying how this has changed her home, her family, the communication’s improved and she’s seen a difference in her child.”

The program is called Eleven Solutions. Apply before August 26. To apply email or call 256-464-8370 ext.10249.

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