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A Cool Summer

When looking at simply 90-degree heat we discover it's been a cool 2020.
Credit: WZDX Weather

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — At this point in the Summer we're beginning to realize the heat is here and there's really nothing we can do about it until October or even November. Unless it's 2020, in which case we're trying to find out where the heat actually is. 

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Historically, July has been warming since 1970, but that that just hasn't been the case this year or really during Summer as a whole. You can read more about July's Warming Trend Here

When looking at this cooler Summer we're simply looking at the number of 90°+ days in 2020 and comparing it to that of 2019. 

As of July 6, 2020 13 90°+ have been recorded at Huntsville International Airport. Compare that with 36  90°+ in 2019. 

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The longest streak of  90°+ days in 2020 is three. June 5-7, 2020 and July 3-5, 2020. Compare that with a streak of 36  90°+ days in 2019. That's the date period June 19 - July 6, 2019. 

All of this information is as of and including July 6, 2020.

Credit: WZDX Weather

In the immediate future, there are not a lot of 90° days. Notice the direct correlation between that and the higher rain chances especially Tuesday and Wednesday.

Credit: WZDX Weather

In the somewhat long-term this trend doesn't look like it's going to change much. Our temperatures our forecast to be right at or just above seasonal norms. The average high is right around 90° or 91°.