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Weather Blog: The Traditional Blog

Happy June, and happy first day of Meteorological Summer! It seems obvious to say May was hot, but how hot? That answer can be found inside today's blog.&n...
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Is it a tradition if it occurs once a month, or should I just refer to it as “The Monthly Blog”? By this point, you should be well aware of the topic, but I’ll remind you anyway. Another month has come and gone, and that means it’s time for a recap for May, and at the end, we’ll look towards the month of June. 

May was hot. It was seriously hot. There were only 7 days when the daily high temperature was below average and 0 days when the daily high was just average. The rest of the month featured above average numbers, the highest of which was May 26th where the high was 96 degrees. The coldest day this month was May 15th where the high was “only” 71 degrees. The month of May featured 12 days when the high temperature was at least 90 degrees. Calculating the average high temperature and you get 85.8 degrees. It looks like it’ll be one of the hottest if not the hottest May on record. 

As far as precipitation is concerned, we kept up this trend of rain on the weekends. There was rain on ¾ Saturdays and ¾ Sundays. Aside from that we really didn’t see that much rain. We only saw 3.70” of rain this month is below average by 1.25”. Most of our rain fell in one day. On May 4th we saw 1.59” of rain. 

Given the lack of rain and the rather hot pattern we’ve been in, parts of the Tennessee Valley are now in the “abnormally dry” category on the drought monitor. This isn’t cause for alarm, but it does mean we could use some rain. 

June 1st is also the first day of Meteorological Summer, so it seems only natural that through the course of the month our average high would increase. By June 30th the average daily high temp will be 90 degrees. The first day of Summer is Friday, June 21st. On that note, pay attention to the fact that our sunrise time actually gets later. Remember that beyond the Summer Solstice our days actually begin to get shorter…..a sure sign football season is coming.