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Weather Blog: Can I Swim?

It's May and everyone wants to use their pool, but is the water warm enough? The answer in today's blog!

To say I struggled to come up with a blog topic this morning is a sharp understatement. I literally sat here for what seemed like hours trying to come up with a reasonable topic to discuss, and I couldn’t come up with a thing. To be quite honest, I’m not 100% sold on the idea in my head, and I’m kind of hoping that as I type the idea will just magically flow onto the page and when I read this back I’m satisfied. 

    In this mornings forecast video I got super excited about highs being in the mid-80s this afternoon and decided to throw in the pool forecast. It didn’t help that while I was planning for the forecast video my apartment sent a mass email with a heading in bold, caps, and underlined proclaiming that the pool is open. So I was thinking that maybe I could go for a swim and give myself the sweet sent of chlorine for the first time this year. Then I got to thinking “Is the water really going to be warm enough to swim?” I really don’t think my pool is heated so this is a serious question. 

    It seems more than obvious that the warmer the temperatures the warmer the pool water will naturally become. With that in mind I asked myself a couple questions. The first: Is there a consistent pattern as to when the first 80 degree or above day occurs on any given year? Since one hot day isn’t going to do it I asked myself the second question. Is there a consistent pattern as to when the first string of at least seven days with temperatures at or above 80 degrees occurs? 

    The answer to both these questions seems to be a resounding NO. This year the first 80 degree day came on February 21st. In 2017 it occurred on February 24th. Sounds like a pattern until you look at 2016 and 2015 where the first 80 degree day occurred on March 9th and March 17th. 2014 was the really late year and didn’t see an 80 degree day until April 1st. 

    The string of seven days where the temperature is at least 80 degrees is almost as inconsistent. This year that hasn’t happened yet, and to avoid getting your hopes up probably will not happen this week. Highs on Saturday look to drop into the 70s thanks to a cold front. In 2017 it occurred on April 9-15th. In 2016 those seven days were April 22-28th and then it continued through May 1st before ending. The first streak in 2015 was May 3-9th and ended May 21st. Now 2014 was the odd man out and we seemed to hit the 80 degree weather like a brick wall. The first seven days were May 20-26th and continued through July 18th. 

    The conclusion to today’s blog? While I stand by my statement that it would be a great day for the pool, unless your pool is heated I don’t suggest getting in just yet. Where there’s a pool there’s usually lounge chairs for you to chill on and get a nice start on that summer tan. Please though, remember to put on some sunblock, because while there are a few clouds this afternoon the UV index should climb before falling off early this evening.