Social Media Forecast Tuesday, October 8, 2019

A cool afternoon, but warmer air is on the way. Click for details.

A persistent cloud deck hung around the Tennessee Valley through most of the afternoon which really prevented temperatures from warming up across the Tennessee Valley. Many only made it into the upper 60s.


Where they did see the sun, numbers climbed a little higher.


We’ll continue to see temperatures climb at least through the immediate future. We should stay above average each day Wednesday through Friday climbing into the low and mid-80s. Average for this time of year is right around 77°


Beyond that, a cold front will eventually move through the Tennessee Valley. Before it gets here it will dump potentially feet of snow on the upper midwest.

It will bring increased opportunities for rain with the best chance on Friday night and Saturday morning. Yes, this means we may see a passing shower for Friday Night Football.


On the other side of the cold front, we’re talking about a severe drop in Temperatures. Overnight we dip into the 40s and only rebound into the low and mid-70s, which is where we should be in mid-October.