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Snow Showers Possible Tonight

As cooler air moves into the Tennessee Valley we'll see the chance for some light snow

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A windy afternoon across the Tennessee Valley that started with a fair amount of sunshine and is ending with more cloud cover. That cloud cover is thanks to an area of low pressure currently sitting over the state of Illinois. The circulation around this area of low pressure allows winds to be southerly in the Tennessee Valley, but that will change tonight and tomorrow morning. 

As the area of low pressure continues to push east, our winds will become westerly and the northwesterly. This will bring the opportunity for some snow showers to the Tennessee Valley tonight and tomorrow morning. 

Credit: WZDX Weather

This activity is nothing to get excited over and will remain light and scattered. The only locations that stand any chance at seeing some accumulation would be the higher elevations of northeast Alabama and up into Southern Middle Tennessee. even that would only accumulate to maybe 0.5". 

Credit: WZDX Weather

All of the above occurs early Saturday morning and will be a distant memory by the time we wake up on Saturday. Unfortunately, the weekend forecast isn't that great. You can spend some time outside so long as you have a jacket with you. Temperatures will hang out in the low and mid-40s, and we will not see much sun on Saturday. 

Credit: WZDX Weather

We'll end with a bit of good news for those of us that are not a fan of the early sunsets. Now through early November, sunset in the Tennessee Valley will be after 5:00 PM. Maybe it's a thing we can look forward to.