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Rising Temperatures Rising Dew Points

Our temperatures climb over the next couple of days, but so do our dew points
Credit: WZDX Weather

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — A beautiful yet cool afternoon across the Tennessee Valley. Most of us finished the day in the low and mid-70s. A fair mix of sunshine and cloud cover with only a couple of scattered showers. 

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Expect rain chances to be virtually non-existent through tonight and early Thursday morning. Thursday morning will also bring another opportunity for some patchy dense fog across the valley locations. More specifically those across NE Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee stand the best chance at dealing with some fog during the morning commute. That fog will lift later in the morning, and we should get a little sunshine. 

Things are going to change Thursday afternoon and Thursday evening. The cut-off low we have been discussing the last several days will begin to have a much smaller impact on our forecast as a warm front begins to lift north. 

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As this warm front lifts north more moisture will begin to filter into the Tennessee Valley. This warm front and increase in moisture will allow for better opportunities for widespread shower and thunderstorm activity Thursday night and Friday morning. Come Friday and Saturday dew points in the 50s will be replaced by dew points in the mid-60s. 

Credit: WZDX Weather

On the backside of this warm front will be some much warmer air. Temperatures will steadily climb beginning Thursday and continuing through the weekend. High temperatures Friday through Memorial Day should have no problem making it into the mid and upper 80s. 

Credit: WZDX Weather

It doesn't look like 90 is in the cards at least through the forecast period. On average our first 90-degree day is May 19th. That obviously did not happen given the cooler air we've been talking about the last couple of days. We may not see a 90-degree day in May. It has been a while since that happened. The last time our first 90 degree day was in June was back in 2003.