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One Warm Day Before Cooler Air Returns

One actual warm day across the Tennessee Valley before cooler air moves back in with the opportunity for both rain and snow flurries

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It was a cold morning across North Alabama and Southern Middle Tennessee. Many of us were able to drop as low as the upper teens and lower 20s. while that is for sure cold especially given that an average low is right around 32 degrees, it wasn't our biggest concern . 

Freezing fog was a real problem across the Tennessee Valley making for a slow commute, but it did create quite a beautiful picture. Freezing fog is mostly comprised of Super-cooled water. Super-cooled water is essentially liquid water that is in an environment that is below freezing. When this water comes in contact with any surface, it instantly freezes. Check out my Facebook Page for a cool photo. 

Thursday will not start near as cold. We'll start the day in the low 30s as opposed to the low 20s. Thursday will see the approach of our next cold front. Ahead of that cold front will be strong winds out of the south. This should allow temperatures to climb into the low and mid-50s. This is seasonal or just a couple degrees above for mid-January.

Credit: WZDX Weather

This cold front does move through the Tennessee Valley Thursday night and Friday morning. This front does not have much moisture with it and rain chances will be limited to a couple of isolated showers on Friday. 

The one thing we will see is a change in our winds which will usher in some cooler air for Friday and the weekend. We can expect the mid-40s during that period.