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STEM students go head to head in the 'Capture the Flag' competition

Raytheon Technologies hosted the competition on the campus of Oakwood University.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — One Huntsville school teamed up with a tech company for a fun competition on cybersecurity as we close out Cybersecurity Awareness Month!

Raytheon Technologies and Alabama School of Cyber Technology and Engineering (ASCTE) held a 'Jeopardy-style' cybersecurity competition called  “Capture the Flag”, at the campus of Oakwood University on Friday.

The group said the "goal is to teach students how cyber offense works, so they can one day work in cyber defense".

“We have a lot of our kids that are really into the cyber end of things and the computer science end of things and this is certainly right up their alley,” said ASCTE Lead Science Instructor, Mark Maddox.

Raytheon Technologies said students competed in cybersecurity categories with different level challenges that include professional cybersecurity work like cryptography, forensics, and reverse engineering.

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“The skills they’re learning today are a good foundation for going into a career in cybersecurity,” said Raytheon Technologies Engineering Manager, Brett Pagel.

Raytheon Technologies said more than 150 students participated in the activity.

Pagel adds that being literate when it comes to cybersecurity and cyber safety, is important for anyone, no matter the age.

Gray Analytics VP & General Counsel Jay Town said if you’re going to stay on the web, you need to be ‘cyber aware’. "Know what you're clicking on ahead of time, be sure that when you're responding to an email, it's not a spoof email that actually sorts of looks like somebody you're familiar with but isn't the actual email address."