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North Alabama American Youth Football League begins 2020 season

Besides high school & college, there's another football league that has began their 2020 season. Kayla Carlile introduces us to the NAAYF peewee football league

ATHENS, Ala. — Friday Nights at East Limestone are under the big lights, but Saturday afternoons are under the hot sun.

Football teams begin to gear up for yet another game. Except these players are a little smaller than what you're used to seeing. 

1st down...2nd down...3rd down...score....The East Limestone Indians get their first peewee touchdown of the season.

The cheerleaders chant, and the coaches draw up more plays. Now its time for some defense.

Defense falls through, but it's no problem because there's still time to correct before the next game. In Athens, I'm Kayla Carlile WZDX Sports. 

For more information on this youth football league, check out their website:

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