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Vegans in your Super Bowl party? Here's a burger that'll win fans on either side

We taste-test a meatless alternative from Chef Will from Lowe Mill that could be the superstar of your tailgate party.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The odds are excellent that you will attend or even spearhead your own Super Bowl party this weekend, and the odds are even greater that you may have a party guest who wants to avoid meat. Luckily, Huntsville plays host to an inventive chef who can help you out with an alternative to the backyard burger.

Chef Will runs The Palate at Lowe Mill, where he uses locally-sourced produce to help his dishes pop. He promises a "clean, fresh, and innovative" experience with his menu, which includes items such as curry lettuce wraps, blackened tofu, and baked treats like banana muffins.

But when it comes to a Super Bowl menu, Will bets his famed "Hemp Seed Burger" will earn an MVP award at any cookout.

Even the buns aren't your everyday white bread. Will's special recipe calls for garbanzo bean flatbread, made from bean flour, water, and herbs. They toast up well and make the perfect platform for a hefty, nutritious burger patty.

The mixture for the faux meat includes onions, peppers, mushrooms, quinoa, and hemp seeds. Season it to taste and give it just a few minutes on your grill or a searing-hot skillet for the perfect char flavor.

Despite having nothing close to a speck of meat in it, Chef Will guarantees his hemp seed burger will have fans crying for more until the cows come home.

"Still a slider, still a burger," Will said.


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