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Trash Pandas looking for more game day staff

The Rocket City Trash Pandas' job fair gave people the chance to apply and be interviewed to work with the minor league baseball team.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — 2021. It's the Rocket City Trash Pandas' inaugural season after COVID-19 disrupted sports in 2020. Their first game will be in Chattanooga on May 4, and the team's first home game at Toyota Field will be on May 11.

The Trash Pandas' job fair on Feb. 27 was help to recruit more game day staff members for the minor league team's upcoming season. If you missed it, you can still apply here.

Food service and maintenance workers have faced some of the highest rates of job insecurity during the pandemic and the Trash Pandas are hiring in both areas as opening day creeps closer.

"So, this was our job fair to hire game day staff to join us here during Trash Panda home games and other events that we have going on. We're looking for energetic, fun, just excited people to work with us. It's a great starting job for any younger kids that are 16 or older. Anyone of any age, if you're retired or you're a teacher and you're off in the summer or you just want that second income, want to get out and do something just extra and fun when maybe you would just be sitting home, you can do it here in a great way. We're so excited for baseball and to start the season and everything starting in May, so right now we just really just need some more staff to come join us," said Lindsey Knupp, VP of Marketing, Promotions and Entertainment, Trash Pandas.

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Why do people want to work for the Trash Pandas?

"I like to help people, I like to make people laugh. I'm kinda bubbly and flamboyant," said Tiffany Ivey, job fair attendee. "This would be a good opportunity for me, just to, like I said, do something new, something different, and possibly just level up."

"My wife and me are enjoying grandchildren, things of that nature and I was looking for seasonal, part-time work," said George Kostakis, job fair attendee. We all need an outlet, both at work and play, and everybody likes baseball, America's pastime."

"It's more than just applying for a job, it's helping the community by providing work and utility for people who come to enjoy baseball games," said Antony Kubic, job fair attendee. "I feel like it would be a dream come true, because not only do you get to help support and be a fan of your team, you're actually working for them at the same time."

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"You can look at TrashPandasBaseball.com and look at some career opportunities that we have if there is anything that we're still hiring for throughout the season. Definitely, that's where to check it out," said Knupp.

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