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Huntsville Sports Commission hosts 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championships starting May 11

Find parking, schedules, and everything else you need to know for the AHSAA State Soccer Championships.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala — For the 22nd year in a row, Huntsville hosts the 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championships and this year, they'll be at the new John Hunt Park Championship Soccer Fields from May 11-13. Earlier this year, the AHSAA selected Huntsville to host the 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championships through 2027.

“The Alabama High School Athletic Association (AHSAA) State Soccer Tournament brings some of the most talented athletes in our state to Huntsville,” said Mayor Tommy Battle. “Having AHSAA award the championships through 2027 affirms our commitment to being a premier sports destination. We extend a big Huntsville welcome to these student athletes and their families and wish them luck in the upcoming competition.”

John Hunt Park is currently undergoing an expansion with three projects to increase Huntsville’s sports industry. The projects include the Championship Soccer Fields in addition to a new skate park and the Kids’ Space playground. Due to these renovations, there will be one (1) designated entrance located at the west side of the Championship Fields and limited parking. You can find the spectator parking map and more info for this year’s event at huntsvillesports.com.

The 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championship Tournament will feature 5 classification brackets, 1A-3A, 4A, 5A, 6A, and 7A, as well as 40 different teams. The 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championships will feature statewide high school talent, including four local teams from the Huntsville/Madison County area: Westminster Christian Academy (4A Girls & Boys), Huntsville High (7A Boys), Randolph (6A Girls), and Sparkman (7A Girls). The Homewood High girls’ team and Daphne High boys’ team are the only teams to return with a chance of winning back-to-back championships.

“The AHSAA State Soccer Championship Tournament has become a tradition for Huntsville,” said Huntsville Sports Commission Executive Director Mark Russell. ”We have a prosperous soccer community and enjoy hosting this event each year. This event is the result of a great partnership with AHSAA over the years and we look forward to providing an exceptional experience for all the student-athletes now and for years to come.”

Admission tickets for the tournament must be purchased through GoFan and are $12 plus processing fees. A separate ticket should be purchased each day for entrance throughout the weekend. Spectator parking is available for $5 per day at Joe Davis Stadium. A parking ticket can be purchased through GoFan to speed up the process. Please note the parking ticket is separate from admission. The option to pay cash for parking will still be available. Shuttles will transport spectators from the parking lot to the spectator entrance. Chick-fil-A sandwiches, snacks, candy and drinks will be available for purchase at the main concession stand, and Nanny's Lemonade will have two stands on site.

All 2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championship Finals will take place Saturday, May 13. Find a full schedule, including Thursday and Friday semi-final matchups, below.

2023 AHSAA State Soccer Championships Schedule

Thursday, May 11

6A-7A Semifinals:


Randolph vs. Homewood 11 a.m. (Field 1)

Briarwood vs. Montgomery Academy at 11 a.m. (Field 2)


Fort Payne vs. Homewood at 1 p.m. (Field 1)

Calera vs. Montgomery Academy at 1 p.m. (Field 2)


Sparkman vs. Oak Mountain at 3 p.m. (Field 1)

Auburn vs. Fairhope at 3 p.m. (Field 2)


Huntsville vs. Oak Mountain at 5 p.m. (Field 1)

Dothan vs. Daphne at 5 p.m. (Field 2)


Friday, May 12th

1A-3A, 4A & 5A Semifinals:


Susan Moore vs. Westminster (Oak Mountain) at 9 a.m. (Field 1)

St. James vs. Cottage Hill at 9 a.m. (Field 2)


Tanner vs. Westminster (Oak Mountain) at 11 a.m. (Field 1)

Tuscaloosa Academy vs. St. Luke’s at 11 a.m. (Field 2)


Westminster vs. Westbrook at 1 p.m. (Field 1)

American Christian vs. St. Michael at 1 p.m. (Field 2)


Westminster vs. Westbrook at 3 p.m. (Field 1)

Oneonta vs. Bayside Academy at 3 p.m. (Field 2)


East Limestone vs. Springville at 5 p.m. (Field 1)

Marbury vs. Gulf Shores at 5 p.m. (Field 2)


Guntersville vs. John Carroll at 7 p.m. (Field 1)

Elmore vs. Gulf Shores at 7 p.m. (Field 2)


Saturday, May 13th

Championship Finals

Class 7A Boys at 9 a.m. (Field 1)

Class 6A Girls at 9 a.m. (Field 2)

Class 7A Girls at 11 a.m. (Field 1)

Class 6A Boys at 11 a.m. (Field 2)

Class 1A-3A Girls at 1 p.m. (Field 1)

Class 4A Girls at 1 p.m. (Field 2)

Class 5A Girls at 3 p.m. (Field 1)

Class 1A-3A Boys at 3 p.m. (Field 2)

Class 4A Boys at 5 p.m. (Field 1)

Class 5A Boys at 5 p.m. (Field 2)


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