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Summer workouts begin at local high schools in the Tennessee Valley

One week after the AHSAA gave the green light to begin summer workouts, local school districts finally began allowing modified sessions to take place.

Huntsville City Schools (HCS) is welcoming students back to campus for athletic practices and extracurricular activity meetings. 

School personnel are taking students’ temperatures and asking health-related questions before permitting them to be around others. Coaches and staff members are conducting hazard mitigation training with students at the first scheduled practices and meetings.

The district required all coaches and staff members interacting with students to engage in their own hazard mitigation training last week to learn health protocols.

HCS is requiring all students to come to campus with their own face covering. Students must also come to practice or meetings with their own water bottle or drink container. Students are responsible for maintaining and cleaning any equipment issued. Additionally, the district is reminding families that all summer athletic practices and extracurricular activities are voluntary.

Huntsville City Schools is also requiring families to sign a letter acknowledging that they have read, understood, and agreed to comply with the safety measures before their student is allowed to participate. 

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