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FDFN MVP of the Week: James Clemens' Tyrik Walker

Last week, Walker helped lead his team to a 54-28 victory over cross town rival, Bob Jones. He recorded 199 receiving yards and 4 touchdowns.

MADISON, Ala. — Last week Bob Jones and James Clemens went head to head in the 9th annual Madison Bowl, which was held at Louis Crews Stadium at Alabama A&M University. The Jets took home their third consecutive win against the Patriots with a 54-28 victory. 

Jets junior Wide Receiver Tyrik Walker recorded 199 receiving yards with 5 catches and 4 touchdowns, making him the Week 2 First Down Friday Night MVP of the Week. 

When asked about the game, Walker said his team was nervous but ready to play. He said, "We just came out and played as a team."

Walker connected with quarterback Connor Cantrell for five catches, four of which turned into touchdowns. 

"He has natural leadership skills and he has to continue to develop them in the right way so that guys will follow him," said Head coach Wade Waldrop, "I think the last 5 to 6 weeks he's been really good with being consistent and doing the right things here everyday. The first step to leadership is doing everything right every day. He's definitely a product of what he's been putting in around here."

It was not that long ago that Walker was helping out on the sidelines as a ball boy for the same team he's now playing for. 

"To see him have success is exciting, but you know we just gotta keep working. We're a young team. Things went well Friday night, we just gotta keep working to make sure they continue to go the way we need them to," said Coach Waldrop. 

One way Coach Waldrop keeps guys like Walker on their toes is by making sure they know dropping the ball has consequences. Throughout practice, if a receiver drops a pass, push ups soon follow. 

"It makes me remember [on Friday nights], if I drop the ball I have to do push ups," said Walker. 

The Jets are currently gearing up for a Top 10 matchup against Austin this Friday. The Black Bears are 3-0 on the season, while the Jets are 2-1 after forfeiting week 0 because of travel. 

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