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Carter Wimberly- Walter Jones B2EDi Offensive Lineman of the Week

Randolph's Carter Wimberly excels on the field and in the community. Learn more about this week's Walter Jones B2EDi Offensive Lineman of the Week.
Credit: WZDX

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Coming in at 6' 3", 210 pounds, senior O-lineman Carter Wimberly was awarded this week's Best 2 Ever Do It (B2EDi), Walter Jones Offensive Lineman of the Week. 

The explosive player from Randolph was able to Facetime NFL Hall of Famer, Walter Jones after practice this week for some words of encouragement, and to congratulate him on earning the honors. During their conversation, they also found out they have more in common than they thought. This week, Wimberly was told he was moving to tight end, which is a position Jones is very familiar with. During his time at Holmes Community College, Jones actually played both outside tackle and tight end, which is what Wimberly is now looking at doing. 

"I've always wanted to see if I could actually do it, so that's why I'm excited about it. Hopefully it goes well," he said. 

On the line with Wimberly is his younger brother Jack, a junior at Randolph. The two have played beside each other since they were kids, and love being able to compete and play next to one another every week. 

Credit: WZDX

Aside from Wimberly's effectiveness on the field, he also is making an impact at home. Coming from a single parent household, he is expected to help contribute to his needs financially. So in his spare time away from school and football, he works downtown at Honest Coffee. 

"I'm getting work experience and I still find time to hang out with my friends, so I still have a social life," he said. "I've found a balance of working and school and sports, social life and family. I think I'm getting a better start than some other teenagers who don't have to that right now."

Credit: WZDX

Congratulations to Carter on being this week's Walter Jones B2EDi Offensive Lineman of the Week. Check out who wins each week on WZDX's First Down Friday Night show on Friday's at 10pm or on WZDX Sports Xtra Sunday at 10pm.