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Aqeel Glass heads to rookie mini-camp with Tampa Bay

Despite not being selected in this year's NFL draft, former AAMU quarterback is exciting about his rookie mini-camp invitation from the Bucs

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — The dream of hearing your name called at the NFL Draft coming true for two hundred sixty-two college football players this past weekend. But hundreds of college athletes with the skills didn't get that opportunity. It doesn't mean that their professional dreams are over. Just ask Aqeel Glass.

"It was an emotional roller coaster," says Aqeel Glass. "Ups and downs. We were just sitting there waiting to see if your phone rings. Unfortunately, it didn't. But at the end of the day, all I ever wanted was a shot and I got that."

Despite a record setting career at Alabama A&M, former Bulldogs quarterback Aqeel Glass was one of many who didn't hear his name called this weekend by a pro football team.

But the two-time SWAC Player of the Year was not upset because he knew there would be additional opportunities ahead.

"My agent was on the phone, working the phone calls," says Aqeel Glass. "He called me back and said that the Tampa Bay Bucs want to bring you in for rookie mini-camp. I was excited to have the opportunity and get to work. Nothing is ever guaranteed. Nothing in my life has ever been guaranteed. I've always had to make a way where there's sometimes wasn't a way."

Glass knows that he's not going to Tampa to replace Tom Brady in any way shape or form. But the 2-time Deacon Jones HBCU Player of the Year does understand what needs to be done for him to be on this roster in the summer and the fall. 

"It's just about separating myself," says Aqeel Glass. "Separating myself from the competition. Doing the extra. Doing whatever it takes to make that spot. For me, its a dream come true. Like I said before. I just need my foot in the door."

Glass will report to rookie mini-camp with the Bucs next week.