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WZDX gets clarification from investigators as public calls for transparency in Dana Fletcher’s death by Madison PD

The Madison County Sheriff’s Office wouldn’t talk on camera, but we were able to get some clarification over email. With a video online showing the ...
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Questions still surround the case of Dana Fletcher, the man killed by Madison Police officers outside Planet Fitness Sunday.

The debate now: Was he armed? Investigators say he pointed a gun at police and they have a gun from the scene, yet Fletcher’s wife insists he was unarmed.


The Madison County Sheriff’s Office is investigating. They wouldn’t talk to WZDX News on camera, but we were able to get some clarification over email. With a video online showing the incident, people say they want transparency from police.

The video making the rounds online shows the moments leading up to Fletcher’s death when two Madison Police officers shot him. It’s hard to see what’s happening, but you can hear what sounds like five gunshots. WZDX News will not play that part.

Fletcher’s apparent wife and child were right there during this.

We reached out to the Madison County Sheriff’s Office for comment. They say they “were aware of the video” and also have video from Planet Fitness and police body cameras, but they won’t do interviews until after the investigation.

As far as how many officers were on the scene, the chief deputy tells us an officer said over the radio that Fletcher had a gun and he says: “I’m sure everyone working responded at that point.”

The most widely debated part of all this: Did Fletcher have a gun? Fletcher’s wife insists he was unarmed, but investigators say they have video evidence and a 9mm handgun from the scene.

When we asked for clarification on when police supposedly tased Fletcher, the chief deputy responded: “He was still in the van when an officer attempted to tase him. It was very quick and it was pretty much simultaneous that the officer was tasing him as Fletcher was coming out of the van with the gun in his hand, struggling with another officer. When the struggle ensued Fletcher had reached for the gun.”

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He says they’re not completely sure if both taser probes made contact or not because Fletcher was moving.

At a press conference held by a candidate for the Madison County Commission, people say they want more transparency.

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“This is not the first crime of this nature that happened in Madison,” said Tremain Crutcher with Empowerment Through Change.

“I think that we need to come together and pray,” said Rosemary Jordan, founder of Empowerment Through Change.

Investigators say a Planet Fitness customer called 911 because Fletcher and a woman were there videoing people and asking personal questions. Our coverage starts here.

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