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What’s your New Year’s resolution?

New Year's resolutions come every year but whether they actually happen… Well, that's up to you.
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New Year’s resolutions come every year but whether they actually happen… Well, that’s up to you.

WZDX News went to Stars and Strikes in Huntsville after their ‘Happy Noon Year’ party to find out what some of you are promising for 2018.

“I’m gonna stop eating cheese fries every day starting tomorrow!” said Haley Waxman.

“Mine is to not play video games so much,” said Brady Wright, standing beside his mother, Keli.
“Even though you’re at an arcade?” Keli asked.
“Yeah!” Brady said.

“Mine is to beat cancer,” said Bryan Mashburn.

“Have we made them yet?” asked Stephanie Harper. “No not yet!”

“And hot Cheetos,” added Waxman. “I’m a very unhealthy person… But I’m happy!”

“I wanna have a good wedding and plan a nice wedding and just have a good year,” said Sami McDernott.

“Maybe work out in the yard, maybe practice football, maybe lose some weight,” said Brady Wright.

“I’m still procrastinating making my plan,” said Andrew Rutherford. “So my New Year’s resolution is not to procrastinate making my plan.”

“What about 2017, how did it go?” asked reporter Renata Di Gregorio.

“It was rough but we got through it,” said McDernott.

“2017 has been my best year. He’s my first,” said Harper, pointing to her baby.

“Yeah I’m gonna go see my doctor more,” said Keli Wright.

“I’m really bad at making plans anyways so it’s hard to fail at them when you haven’t made them!” said Waxman.

Happy New Year!