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What’s ALDI’s getting you for Advent?

Wine, Beer, Cheese, Toy, and Pet Advent calendars are all for sale.

If you’ve been waiting for the return of ALDI’s wine Advent calendar, you better get to one of their stores.


ALDI released their 2019 wine Advent calendar Wednesday morning, and they are expected to sell out fast.

The good news? According to their website, all North Alabama ALDI’s stores are listed as sellers of beer and wine, meaning if they’re sold out at one store, you may have a chance of finding the Advent calendar you want at another… depending on how far you’re willing to drive.

“This year, the Advent calendar will feature 24 unique wines from regions around the world, from South Africa to Australia,” ALDI wrote on their blog. “The wine is housed in (24) 187 ml. individual bottles.”

Due to the popularity of the wine Advent calendars, there is a limit of two per customer.

Once the calendars are sold out, ALDI says they will not be re-stocked.

Last year’s wine Advent calendars quickly sold out with some people re-selling on eBay for extremely inflated prices.

If you’re not a wine fan, ALDI is also offering a beer Advent calendar available Wednesday. The beer calendars include “a variety of imported beer including six core range selections, two ALDI Finds and seven exclusive varieties.”

The beer comes in 11.2 oz. bottles.

Just like the wine option, there’s a limit of two beer calendars per person.

But that’s not all…

ALDI is also selling a cheese Advent calendar, a chocolate Advent calendar, a toy Advent calendar, and an Advent calendar for your pet! All of these are also up for grabs Wednesday.

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