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When will I need to get the star on my drivers license?

You may have heard of the star I.D., and if you haven't, listen up! It's identification you'll need to fly starting in may 2023.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — How does it work?

Keneisha Deas has the answers from this Verify segment. 

Let's start with what exactly is the star I.D. 

Star I.D. stands for: Secure, Trusted, and Reliable Identification.

The Alabama Law Enforcement Agency said it was created by the federal government in response to the 9/11 terrorist attacks to clear up any forms of fraud or terrorism.

So, in essence, it's another form of security measure. You'll have a yellow star imprinted in the corner of your I.D.


But, people want to know: 

When is the star I.D. needed? 

How can you obtain it?

Where can you obtain it?

Let's Verify!


Senior Trooper Brandon Bailey with ALEA

License Director Mark Craig with the Madison County Service Center



You cannot get it online. However, once you receive your star I.D. from a state DMV, you can renew it at a county office.

Also keep in mind, you have until May 3rd, 2023 to obtain your star I.D. If not, you'll be required to produce additional documents.


"The reason we need that, if you want to do any type of domestic travels, or get on any federal facilities, you're going to need that star I.D. to get on," said Senior Trooper Bailey.

It's also needed for access to military bases. One Alabama driver said they didn't get the STAR I.D. when they renewed their license in May of 2022.

"Usually all DL examiners, when someone comes to renew their driver's license they'll ask if you want to get the star I.D. However, there is certain documentation that you have to bring that you would normally bring in to get a renewed driver's license that is required to get the star id. And you can go online and enter every document that needs to be seen by the examiner to get that star I.D. on your license," added Senior Trooper Bailey. 

And where can you obtain the star I.D.?   

"The local county offices cannot issue the star office for the first time, so everyone will have to visit a state office," said Craig.


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