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VERIFY: Yes, doctors recommend babies at least 6 months old get vaccinated, even after the mother was vaccinated while pregnant.

The CDC recently approved COVID vaccinations for children 6 months to four years old.
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BIRMINGHAM, Ala. — COVID vaccinations are now extended to kids as young as six months old. 

The CDC recently approved COVID vaccinations for children 6 months to four years old. FDA sealed the deal and authorized emergency use of both the COVID and Moderna vaccine.

However, what if a child is still carrying the antibodies from a vaccinated mother?

Should they still get vaccinated?

FOX54's Keneisha Deas has the answers with this Verify segment!


Should a baby still get the vaccine six months after a vaccinated mother gives birth?


UAB - Division of Infectious Diseases Associate Professor Jodie Dionne, M.D.

Food and Drug Administration

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention


Yes, doctors do recommend a child at least six months old to still get vaccinated, even if the mother was vaccinated while carrying the child.


“We know from the studies that have been done, that on average, a majority of babies do have those antibodies still present at two months. So about 80% of them have antibodies at two months. By the time you look at six months, the majority do, 57% do, in a study done last year in Boston, but that also means that 43% have lost those antibodies by six months," said Dionne.

“This pair, moms and babies spend a lot of time together. So this idea that you can protect your baby for the first six months on average with your own antibodies, but then bringing them in six months to get vaccinated is the best way to protect them. Nobody wants to have a baby with COVID and nobody wants a nine-month-old or 12-month-old with COVID If you talk to the pediatricians and go in the hospitals, you see some really sad stories. So I think moms and dads and parents and grandparents want the best for these young, young babies,” added Dionne.

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