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No, rent for one-bedroom apartments has not decreased year-over-year

A report from rent.com says Huntsville is the top city to decrease in rent year-over-year.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — It's no surprise rent has skyrocketed in the U.S. We've seen our fair share of a rise in rent in the Tennessee Valley.

However, how does the city of Huntsville compare to other cities across the country?

Keneisha Deas has the answers with this Verify segment!


For months we've shared how the rapid growth in Huntsville contributes to the housing market boom and demand for rental property.

You add supply chain shortages and inflation to the mix, and as far as rent, it's gone up.

However, according to rent.com, Huntsville is the top city to have experienced the biggest decreases in one-bedroom rent prices year-over-year by more than 16.5 percent.

So, has Huntsville decreased in one-bedroom rent year-over-year?


Nikkia Dollar with Keller Williams Realty



So we can verify that no, the rent for one-bedroom apartments has not decreased year over year, at least in the past two years.


"So looking through the entire year of 2020, so one bedroom one bath in Huntsville, the median was 662 back in 2020, and right now it's 795," said Dollar.

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