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VERIFY: It's not a good idea to travel yet, even if you've received the COVID vaccine, infectious disease expert says

Whether domestically or internationally, Dr. Ali Hassoun says currently it's too soon to travel or vacation even after second dose vaccination.

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. — Editor's note: The attached video is from a related VERIFY story.

Just like you, we know not to travel when we're feeling sick, been exposed to someone with COVID-19 or diagnosed with the virus. But what about if you've been vaccinated? Here's what we found out.


If you've received the COVID-19 vaccine already, is it considered safe to travel?


Huntsville Hospital Infectious Disease Specialist Dr. Ali Hassoun says he doesn't think its a good idea to travel given the current circumstances.


"I think at the moment, we really still have widespread transmission. So I don't think yet it's a good idea to travel. We're hoping as the numbers continue to go down the vaccination will go up," said Hassoun.

We asked Hassoun if it's still possible for someone to get infected after vaccination?

"After the first shot the immunity can take about two to three weeks, and you'll see some of them get infected in the first week for example, two weeks. But I have not seen it in after the second, and the studies that have been published, there's a possibility. and it's been reported, and it's rare," said Hassoun.

Another question people might ask is if someone can still be symptomatic if infected after vaccination? 

"So if you get infected, after vaccination the likelihood being a mild disease will be much more or asymptomatic. The vaccine itself will reduce even this as asymptomatic or mild," said Hassoun.

What's also unknown, how long the immunity will last?

"In general, from any vaccination, we usually and it's known, we usually it's about two to four weeks from the shot usually. How long it's going to be for immunity we really at the moment don't know," said Hassoun.  

Dr. Hassoun said, based on studies, people who were vaccinated continued to have good antibody response and immunity for the last four to five months, but this study would need to be further looked into and published. 

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