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VERIFY: Yes, Facebook will show you which political candidate your friends ‘like’

A Facebook post illustrates how easy it is to see how many friends like a page on the social media site. But it's just a normal aspect of a public page.


Will Facebook allow you to find out which political candidates your friends like?


Yes, if you know the right keywords, you can see which of your friends like a particular candidate.




The Verify team received a screenshot of a Facebook post which claims to tally up the number of friends who like Donald Trump, the amount who like Joe Biden, and the amount who like neither.

So the question was posed: is it just that easy to see how many of your friends like a political candidate? The answer is yes.

A spokesperson for Facebook told our researchers in an email that this is a normal aspect of a public Facebook page.

If you search the words "my friends who like Trump" on Facebook, you'll see a line right under the name of his page with the number of your friends who like the page.

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Credit: WUSA9
Facebook post claims you can search for which friends like political candidates

The same goes for Joe Biden or any other public official or celebrity.

A Facebook spokesperson also told us that if you don't want someone to see which pages you follow, you can easily change it in your privacy settings.

They told us that while you can see which of your own friends like either candidate on Facebook, "a full follower list for Trump/Biden is not public." 

So we can verify that it's possible to find how many of your friends like a page on Facebook. This isn't a fancy feature, but just a normal function of a public page.