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Vegans, vegetarians, and vegan-curious check out Twisted Fork Festival

It was a vegan and vegetarian lovers heaven at the Twisted Fork Vegan Festival in Huntsville Sunday.
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Hundreds gathered to learn more about vegan lifestyle and check out products and food on exhibit.

Folks tried out vegan toothpaste, cleaning products, locally made kombucha tea, and of course, plenty of food— even vegan mc n cheese and cupcakes.

“I’m going back to vegetarianism, said Olivia Friedman, who attended the event. “I’m trying to find some way to see some healthy foods and see what foods are vegan and vegetarian that actually taste good. It’s a big deal for me.”

Friedman says her favorite was the vegan sticky ribs from the Touch of Life.

There were about a hundred vendors at the festival, many of them local.