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Two meth labs catch on fire during arrest

48-year-old Keith Taylor is facing drug charges after two meth labs caught on fire during his arrest for a lesser offense.
Man facing drug charges after meth labs caught on fire_82094846

What started with the unlawful use of a car ended in a drug arrest and two meth labs catching on fire.

A spokeman with the Limestone County Sheriff’s Office, Stephen Young, tells WZDX News, Friday evening deputies were investigating 48-year-old Keith Taylor with unlawful use of a car. We’re told that’s not as serious of an offense as a stolen car.

However, during the arrest Taylor ran inside his house and when the deputy followed Taylor inside, the deputy saw some meth labs.

Young says, the deputy then called for backup and when the drug investigator showed up, first meth lab caught on fire. They were able to put it out with a fire extinguisher, but soon after another meth labor caught on fire and had to be extinguished.

We’re told the meth labs caught on fire from exposed lithium strips, which ignited when they came in contract with moisture.

Young says, “It’s not safe and there’s not a safe way to do it. Obviously this was an experienced person who knew what they were doing. But, that didn’t affect the outcome.”

Young says, while they searched the house they found fourteen meth labs along with other drugs and paraphernalia.

Taylor is currently facing three drug charges and one unlawful use of car charge.