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Tommy Battle wants to put an end to petty attack ads

Put an end to petty negative campaign ads, that's what Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is asking.
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Put an end to petty negative campaign ads, that’s what Huntsville Mayor Tommy Battle is asking.

Thursday Battle released a video addressing attack ads. “I’m asking that we put off the petty language and get back to restoring pride in our political system,” The mayor said in the 50 second video.  

With the Alabama Senate Republican Primary runoff just ending, Battle said the state’s election season has turned ugly. 

“When you get in a campaign there’s a lot of question marks, what you can do. We believe that you run for office, you don’t run against people,” Battle said.

He’ s calling for an end to negative campaign ads. “Run on your own attributes on what you’ve done and run on your own record, and the idea of negative campaigns in Alabama, we’re just a little better state than that.”

Many voters agree that attack ads must go. “Campaign ads are just basically mud slinging and unless you actually investigate yourself it could be lie after lie,” said Richard Wallach.
“They all seem to be taking this negative slanderous approach to their opponent, instead of telling me what are you going to do for the people,” added Tammy Haynes.

Battle said his campaign ads for governor will focus on just that. “We stay on the positive side, we stay on the positive message. We talk about the facts, about what we’re doing, what our message is and that’s what we’ll do.”